I have always enjoyed creating vision boards and when I read about creating a vision word. I was intrigued.  The directions were simple.

1) Picture yourself at the end of 2018. What do you see?

 I saw a thinner, stronger, healthier woman, who wrote daily and had a few more coins in her pocket.

2) What did it take to get you there? List those words.

Tend, Nourish, Gentleness, Growth, Balance, Creativity, Abundance, Bliss, Grace, Celebrate, Authentic, Believe, Cherish, Mindfulness, Patience, Transformation, Calm, Joy, Self-Care, Quiet, Adventure, Author, Courage, Organized, Spirituality, Passion, Hope, Healing, Educating, Free, Enlightened, Body-Love, Uniqueness, Thrive, Progress, Release, Explore, Wellness, Emergence, Healthy, Motivated, Invincible, Present, Glowing, Growing, Recovery, Boundaries, Faith, Honesty, Consistency, Focus, Uplift, Transparence, Reflection, Adapt, Empower, Receptivity, Unstoppable, Fullness, Centered, Worth, Rebuild, Compassion, Peace, Oneness, Yes, Simplify, Relax, Depth, Unconditional, Wholehearted, Service, Kindness, Open, Devotion, Self-Acceptance, Boldness, Intuition, Whole, Support, Direction, Stillness, Ease, Gratitude, Renewal, Stability, Change, Expand, Delight, Space, Immerse, Rest, Happy, Energetic, Content, Engaged, Patient, Kind, Loving, Dream, Awe, See, Enjoy, Grateful, Published, Successful, Brave, Risk-taker, Flexible, Resilient, Real, Fearless, Vulnerable, Empowered, Confidence, Embrace, Challenge, Resolute, Aware, Vitality, Pause, Conquer, Intentional, Align, Commitment, Generous, Forgive, Learn, Breathe, Magical, Plentiful, Imagine, Lead, Reliable, Capable, Discipline, Surrender, Honor, Integrity, Exuberant, Thrill, Connected, Finesse,

3) From the list of words you generated. Pick one.